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My story

I'm french and I decided to order a Gretsch drumkit in september 1998. Gretsch drums are not imported in Europe so the only solution for me was to find a store in the US that would ship the drums in France. After contacting different stores, I chose to order the drumkit from Thoroughbred Music Tampa FL, I paid over $3500 cash in September 98.
The drums arrived in France on May 99. A snare drum and 2 lugs were missing, 2 rims mount were not the good ones and the hoops on one tom were different that the other ones. I tried to contact Thoroughbred Music but an email autoresponder told me that they were now Sam Ash. I then contacted Sam Ash and had to wait more than 1 month and send around 10 emails and faxes for them to give me an RA number.
I had to pay for sending back the wrong rims mounts and hoops on June 99, then I had to wait until January 2000, 6 months!!!, for them to answer althought I had sent dozens and dozens of emails and faxes in the meantime and had to pay a lawyer in France for sending them 2 registered letters in September and December 1999 to no avail.

Thanks to Sam Ash, I am still waiting for the missing items.
They always refused to send the items that I send them back for exchange after they told me to do so.


I was stupid enough for paying cash, I use to pay cash to my local store,
I have better prices and service this way, but
once Sam Ash has got your money you don't exist anymore.

Nearly every correspondence between us is on the following pages

You will find enough reasons here for
NEVER ordering at Sam Ash,


You can follow the time in the righ part of the frames, O + x days means how
many days since ordering and D + x days means how many days since delivery.


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